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Let Us Give Your Menu a Fresh New Look!

Let Shipley Creative give your restaurant / cafe / bar menu a professional look and feel! Not only can we redesign your menu, but we can also print your menu on different mediums to give your customers a pleasant experience selecting from your menu. A menu is often the first direct experience a customer has to interact with your business. It is imperative that the experience is easily navigable by a wide scope of ages and abilities and an enjoyable experience to your customer. At Shipley Creative we focus on impact as well as simplistic design and wearable materials to keep your menu looking fresher for longer.

Take a look at some of our examples below...use the slider to view the before and after results of menu re-design and printing.

See how we can refresh your menu

Send us a copy of your current menu or let us know what items you would like on your menu and we will contact you to discuss how we can give your eatery a brand new look.

Some Quick Facts About Menu Design

Why is your menu design and print material so important? Your menu is one of the first direct impressions a customer has with your restaurant. When your customers are holding the menu in their hands they are invoking all of their senses, touch, smell, sound, visual and soon to be taste. Your menu should give your customer a simple experience so they can quickly compare your dishes and drinks, but at the same time give impact and convey the personality of your business. The menu should leave a positive impression and a strong brand representation that leaves your customers excited to make a selection.



Showcase Your Dishes on the Menu

Ever been holding the menu and your looking round the other tables to see what the dishes look like? Customers like to see a photo of their food before they buy it. Showcasing certain dishes on a menu increases the sales of that particular dish and gives the customers an example of size, quality and presentation of your dishes.



Colour Gives Impact & Appeal

A customer's experience starts before they order from your menu, even before they come to your restaurant, cafe or bar. They could have already looked at your menu online to evaluate if they would like to book at your venue. The colour and impact of a menu contributes to the excitement generated to entice a new or existing customer to book a table at your business.



The Quality of the Menu Matters

Consider being sat in a restaurant and you are handed a single sheet of A4 paper that has clearly been handled many times by other people. Straight away your customer will be given the wrong impression about your quality and service. However, when a menu is printed on a quality or wipeable material to keep the presentation at a high standard, this will create a positive first impression to your customers.



Refreshing the Menu Brings New Interest

A new menu design is a great opportunity to drum up a fresh new interest to existing and new customers. Often a customer will need prompting to remember your venue, a new marketing campaign in cooperation with a new season menu is a strong conversion tool. It gives your business the materials to use in social media, website content, posters & flyers and direct contact with the customers.

View Our Portfolio of Designed Menus

Browse some of our menu printing and design. Every batch of menu printing at Shipley Creative is quality controlled and checked to be of a high standard. We not only offer quality menu design and printing, but a quick turn around and competitive prices! Whether your business is a small cafe or a large restaurant, Shipley Creative is waiting to assist you, to give your menus the passion and quality they deserve. Contact us for more details and our latest price list.

Speak to our design team about your menu

Our full team of designers are waiting to give you some advice on re-designing your new menu to be fresh and current.

Tips for Menu Planning & Design


Use logical boxing and sections


Highlight special offers or dishes that are profitable


Invest in graphics and illustrations to highlight your brand and personality


Be descriptive on ingredients and flavours to entice


Use colour to create impact and attention to certain areas


Use professional photographs


Be aware of how customers quick scan your menu


Layout your menu in order of dining (entree, mains, deserts)

  • Thanks for the great service. Not able to tell you how happy I am with our new menu design.  Our menu design was worth every penny to my company. I am completely blown away.
    Filbert N
    Lunch Box
  • Thanks to our new menu design, we've just launched our 2nd cafe! After rebranding our company and re-designing our menu our business skyrocketed!
    Dorelia X
  • The best in the UK! I will use Shipley Creative every-time. You guys rock! Our menu design is both attractive and has good impact.
    Chad Q.

Just to Give You an Idea of Prices

Want quality and a good price? We offer a range of options on our menu design and printing to ensure we can suit everyone's needs. Let us know your requirements and budget and we can let you know what options we can offer you. We also offer a wide range of marketing tools to support your new fresh menu and look. Speak to us about our mail shots, rollup banners, flyers, table top pyramid menus, staff uniform printing and many other marketing and branded materials.